Experienced Designer and Illustrator 
Owner/Head of Design for “Pedazo de arte” and “Gaveta de arte”

  • Japanese Native
  • 1979   Studied Textile Design
  • 1980   Worked at a Textile Design office in Japan
  • 1981-1984   Studied at Theater Academy
  • 1985   Traveled through South America
    • 1987   Lived in New York
  • 1993   Opened the handcraft store, “Pedazo de arte”
  • 2010   Established the design studio, "Gaveta de arte"

*She has had 12 exhibits for her art pieces and published 6 books
*Over 1000 commercial designs
*Specialized in Peruvian patterns both Inca and Pre-Inca

*For more information...

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