Miki Suzuki: professional artist and designer, author and owner of “Pedazo de Arte” and “Gaveta de arte”.

Born in Japan

1979 Studied at the Academy of Textile Design

1980 Worked as a textile designer

1981-1984 Studied acting at the Tokyo Theater Academy

1985 Traveled to Peru

1987 Traveled to New York  

1994 Opened the handcrafts store “Pedazo de Arte”, stocked with her own designs

1997 First exhibition: “Sun, Moon and Stars are a Civilization”

1998 Second exhibition: “Woman, Hand on Cheek”

1998 Third exhibition: “Summer Vacation”

2002 Fourth exhibition: “Great Rock Art”

2003 Fifth exhibition: “Flavor of Black and White… The Rest Gray”

2005 Sixth exhibition: “The Peruvian Sky”

2006 Seventh exhibition: “Columbus’s Egg”

2009 Eighth exhibition: “Orange Cusco Doodle”

2015 Tenth exhibition: “About my Inka Figure"

She has published 5 books and designed some 1200 handcrafted objects and 5 interior design projects in Cusco.